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It should be easy to identify governments on the internet.

.gov is the top-level domain for US-based government organizations.

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Recent updates

March 5, 2020: Effective on March 10, 2020, the DotGov Program will begin requiring notarized signatures on all authorization letters when submitting a request for a new .gov domain. This is a necessary security enhancement to prevent mail and wire fraud through signature forgery in obtaining a .gov domain. This step will help maintain the integrity of .gov and ensure that .gov domains continue to be issued only to official U.S. government organizations.

July 17, 2019: We’re implementing a new DNS security measure for all .gov domains to help mitigate future risks associated with DNS hijacking incidents. Click here to learn more about DotGov’s new DNS auto-notification emails.

December 6, 2018: You can now add a security contact to the .gov registrar. See our new domain security best practices.

October 31, 2018: We wrote a blog post on about our steps to make .gov a more secure place for governments.