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About us

.gov puts US governments on the internet.

Bona fide government services should be easy to identify on the internet. The DotGov Program, part of the General Services Administration, operates the .gov top-level domain (TLD) and makes it available to US-based government organizations, from Federal agencies to local municipalities. Using a .gov domain shows you’re official.

We’re the policy and management authority for the .gov TLD. Our job is to make it easy to register a .gov domain name and ensure that name resolves in the global domain name system (DNS). DNS maps easy-to-remember names on top of hard-to-recall numbers, allowing you to use instead of

.gov domains are intertwined with access to government services, and that makes .gov critical infrastructure for governments, citizens, and international internet users. We work to make .gov a trusted, safe space: we publish our policies, recommend security best practices, and make .gov domain data publicly available.

We put US governments on the internet, but there are some things we don’t do. DotGov doesn’t provide managed DNS services, host .gov websites or email, or monitor all .gov network traffic.

If you’re from the government, we’re here to help. Contact us at