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Domain management

How do we set up a new point of contact?

Request an account by sending an email to

For a new domain request, the authorization letter must also list the person’s name as a valid contact.

How do I change a point of contact on the account?

To change a single point of contact on the account, the administrative point of contact will send an email to and request the change on the account.

If the new point of contact already has an account on the system, please provide the username for the account and which point of contact the user will replace. If the new point of contact does not currently have an account, please send the name and contact information so an account can be set up for them. For federal level domains the email must come from a government employee.

If all three points of contact have left the domain, The Authorizing Authority will assign 3 more points of contact in a new authorization letter.

Please review our account information guidelines for more details.

One of our contacts is no longer the right person to help manage our domain. How do I remove them from the account?

If you are a contact on a domain that is undergoing the request process, you can update the POC with another. However, please ensure that you’re selecting an existing user. If your point of contact is new, that individual must be provisioned into the system beforehand by selecting Account at

If you are unable to update a point of contact with an existing user, please contact us.

How do I delete my domain?

If you need to change or a delete a domain name, contact us from an account registered to the domain.

Please include a request to remove the resource records from the zone file on the name servers hosting the domain.

Note: Once a domain is deleted, the entire registration process must be initiated to resurrect that domain. Please be sure you need to delete a domain name before contacting us as it is irreversible.