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Want a .gov? Start here.

Welcome to .gov. We’re here to make it easy to identify your government organization on the internet.

New to .gov

This section describes the request and approval process for organizations that don’t yet have any .gov domain names.

Requesting a domain name consists of two main processes:

  1. preparing and sending your authorization letter, and then, after receiving a .gov registrar account,
  2. completing the online form.

Prepare and send the authorization letter

  1. Check to see if the domain you want is available.

  2. Review the .gov domain requirements that all domains are subject to.

  3. Prepare an authorization letter to request approval for the domain:

    • Copy and paste an authorization letter template into a word processor, and update the letter with the appropriate information for your request. The letter must be on official letterhead stationary, with a signature from your organization’s authorizing authority. See the .gov domain requirements for who that is for your organization type.
    • Define points of contact: an administrative, a billing, and a technical POC. A security contact is a recommended practice, and can be added to allow outsiders to report observed or suspected security issues at your domain. Security contact details are made public.
  4. Email your authorization letter to, or fax a copy to 540-301-0160.

Once we receive your authorization letter, we will verify your request and create .gov registrar accounts for each point of contact.

Complete the online form

After each point of contact has logged in to establish their account, any of them can complete the online domain request form. This form asks for some information you’ve already collected with the authorization letter, and allows you to submit name server information for your .gov domain. (This can also be added after domain approval.)

Once the online form is complete, we will review the request. If approved, you’ll be given the opportunity to complete any missing information (like name server addresses) and pay the registration fee.

Note that your domain will not be active in the .gov zone until the name servers are answering authoritatively.

Security best practices

Before you launch your new domain, we strongly recommend that you review our domain security best practices. Each recommendation can increase the resiliency of your digital services while protecting your organization and its users.

Get another .gov domain

If you already have a .gov registrar account, log in and then click ‘Registration’ > ‘Register a domain’. After completing the domain request form, you will also need to submit an authorization letter, as described here.

Need help?

If you have any questions during the registration process, look through our answers to common questions or contact us at or 1-877-734-4688.